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Poly Drums
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Midwest Container Reconditioning has a variety of poly drums in our product line. We have 55 gallon and 30 gallon drums, both available as tighthead or openhead drums. These are ideal for racing fuel, automotive fluids, perfumes, soaps, food grade additives, etc. The unique user has also...
Group: Barrels
Steel Drums
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Midwest Container Reconditioning can supply 30 gallon and 55 gallon steel drums. Our product line consists of lined or unlined drums, tightheads, openheads (with a variety of lid and ring types), UN/DOT certified drums, and 55 gallon hazardous waste drums. Our standard line of drums have been used...
Group: Metal barrels
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MCR carries a line of plastic carboys which range in size from 5 gallon to 15 gallon. Colors are white, blue, or black. These containers are sturdy and efficient and can be used for corrosive, hazardous or non-hazardous materials (within the limitations of plastic).
Group: Packaging
Rain Barrels
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Types of Rain Barrels Available from Midwest Container ReconditioningClosed head 55 Gallon Poly BarrelsTypically blue, which can be spray painted by consumer. Totes275 gallon totes330 gallon totes
Group: Packaging
Tote Valves
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MCR can supply industry standard ball valves to fit Schutz, Sonoco, or Hoover IBC's. Valves are constructed of the highest quality polypropylene, with large easy-to-use handles. Teflon or viton seals are available depending on your product composition. Also available are ball valve seal or...
Group: Pipeline valves
Tote Caps
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Tote caps are available in the standard 6" size as a replacement for most original IBC equipment. Construction is polyethylene. Standard cap is plain top, or can be supplied with 2" plug-type opening in center of cap. This allows for a solid or vented polyethylene plug.
Group: Plastic caps
Plastic Bungs
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Plastic Bungs can be used for a variety of drum types; i.e. steel drums with octagonal-base openings, plastic and steel drums with circular-base openings, and fiber drums. Polyethylene plugs are high-density, natural in color, and are self-gasketing (no extra gasket required). Nylon Plugs are...
Group: Plastic caps
Metal Bungs
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Metal bungs are available for two types of steel drum openings. Octagonal-base and circular-base bung openings. Various finishes available are: unplated (ready for painting), zinc (rust-resistant), lined (zinc-plated with a corrosion-resistant coating on threads and lower surface), and 316...
Group: Metallic covers and caps screwing up (with the thread)
Steel Lids
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When a 30 gallon or 55 gallon replacement is necessary, contact MCR. Steel or plastic lids - with or without bung opening - can be supplied. Standard bung openings are 2" and 3/4". Contact MCR with drum type and product information and let us help today!
Group: Completing parts for packaging


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